Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Conference countdown!

The countdown is begining to this year's DRHA conference. Only 12 days to go and nerves are starting to fray...being a digital conference based around the theme of community, I thought I'd start a blog and hope that many of our delegates and speakers will join me.

DRHA08 has a packed programme with something for everyone. To find out more, click on the logo in the side-bar and you'll be taken to the conference website.


Unknown said...

Hi Tamsin - what a great idea. Many thanks to all at Cambridge and on the Programme Committee in advance of what I'm sure will be a wonderful event. Having hosted the previous two years of DRHA at Dartington I know this is a nerve-wracking last few days. I'm sure everyone is very excited though so see you all in Cambridge!
Chair DRHA

Sue Broadhurst said...
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Sue Broadhurst said...

Thanks Tamsin - Great to have our own special blog and welcome to all delegates. I look forward to meeting you at DRHA2008 which is lined up to be a fantastic event,

Conference Programme Chair

Lou Burnard said...

The really good news is that now it's just too late for anything significant to go wrong. The hadrons are about to collide! I'm looking forward to watching the sparks fly too...